About Us

Jumana is a private investment firm specializing in partnerships with entrepreneur lead companies that are looking to transform into enduring businesses.  As a single-family office with an evergreen, flexible capital base, we leverage our deep operating expertise, investment experience, robust network, and existing public and private holdings to help professionalize and accelerate growth in each partnership. We have flexibility in our investment structure, ownership stake, end market focus, and hold period. Due to our track record of success, Jumana’s private investments employ more than 11,000 people while generating more than $4.0 billion in annual revenue across North America.



Target EBITDA Range

Investment Size

Transaction Types

  • Majority or Minority Recapitalizations

  • Growth Capital, Debt Financing

  • Corporate Divestitures

  • Fund Investments


  • Business Services

  • Industrials

  • Infrastructure Services

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Technology

Our Team

Chris Martin

Managing Director

Tanner Moran

Managing Director

Adam Hirsch

Managing Director

Dylan Durham

Vice President

Andrew Milton Calloway

Senior Associate

Nathan Bednarz

Senior Portfolio Analyst

August Dobelman


Jax Murphy